support artists, galleries and other art
world clients with management skills
in the fields of career development,
administration, production and
project management.
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Our support of artists ranges from the
micro to the macro - from detailed
administrative services to strategical
planning in the development of their
careers. We take an active role in their
success by engaging our far-reaching
network of contacts, liaising with
galleries, overseeing the production
of artwork and acquiring financial
support for projects. This frees up
artists to do what they do best -


We offer galleries services for the out-
sourcing of larger projects, whether
their artists are producing a publication
or participating in a major exhibition.
Our skills in project management and
production are informed by years of
experience with artists and galleries.
Our insight into the structural and
financial requirements of such projects
means we can do more than oversee
and troubleshoot; we can address the
needs from a financial perspective by
planning and actively seeking funding.


For collectors we develop tailor-made
administrative tools such as archival
systems and databases for their
collection, overseeing every detail
along the way to completion: from
inventory to image processing to online
publishing as a private or public
website. Our project management of
collectors’ exhibitions, events and
publications offers all of the benefits of
outsourcing: focused delivery,
efficiency and reduced overhead.